Refund and Returns Policy

 With exceptions Due to the nature of digital distribution of active license codes, cannot guarantee refunds or exchanges for products once delivered and activation/license key has been viewed. All licensing sales are final.
 the exception, is if you have documented by the manufacturer that the code you received is not used by you. This document may be a screenshot showing your correspondence with the manufacturer.

You may request a refund if you have not yet retrieved the activation/license key from our system. If you have already retrieved the activation/license key, NO REFUNDS will be granted.

Please make sure the software works on your system before retrieving the activation/license key. We recommend that you download from the manufacturer’s website the trial version of the product you will buy and install it before purchasing.

If your code is not working or not valid, we guarantee to replace it with a new one.
Your license code is guaranteed by us for the validity period from the date of purchase.
If you experience any problems with your license during this period, we guarantee that we will replace it with a new one.